Exciting Game Riding a ATV Sports Motor at Balaji Adventure in Gianyar Bali

Bored with tourist attractions in Bali that feature beaches and natural attractions, that’s all, well maybe you like this one tourist game guys! namely Exciting Game Riding a ATV Sport Bike at Balaji Adventure Bali in Gianyar. Bali ATV Ride game is very popular with foreign tourists and Balaji ATV balaji Bali is a place that provides a ATV ride game with the terrain that has been provided from down the road down, across the rice fields, countryside to muddy roads that will make you soaked.

What is a ATV motorcycle game?

Understanding ATV is a vehicle that can be used for a field that has 3 and 4 wheels and is defined by the American National Institute (ANSI) as a vehicle that moves with low pressure tires and a seat mounted straddling by the operator, along with handlebars for control the wheel.

ATV is an extension of the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), this all-terrain vehicle is used for all terrains so it is very fun to ride, speeding or even passing through muddy ground, for friends who like to ride a vehicle can quickly try the game in Balaji ATV Bali, don’t worry because this game is very comfortable, you will be accompanied by a guide for one track that lasts 1.5 – 2 hours and each driver is equipped with a safety helmet and leg protection.

Balaji Adventure Bali is located on Jalan Raya Puhu (200m entrance north of the Padma Resort Ubud signboard, Puhu, Payangan, Gianyar, Bali. With google maps, it is certainly not difficult to find the location of this famous ATV game in Bali.

Bali tourism is certainly very different and will provide the latest experience for you, the facilities of Balaji ATV also provide a free pickup for travelers who have booked this game, so you just mention the name of the hotel where you live then will be picked up and delivered again cool right.

To try this Balaji ATV game has a publish rate of $ .90 usd / person. But specifically for local people can also local prices of course if you order at the number or email listed below then the price goes down guys especially if the message is more than 4 people can get the discounted price.

Price breakdown at Balaji Adventure Bali ATV

Single ATV – Rp. 700,000 / person
ATV Tandem – Rp. 900,000 / person
Wait if the order is for 4 people more prices can still go down again guys, just contact the contact person